Spunk and Moxie

Spunk and Moxie is now available to Android users on their devices! You can find the game on the Google Play Store or the Amazon Store now. Get it while it’s hot; we’re featuring an introductory sale price of 99 cents!

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Tilt Studios is excited to announce that Garret Hudson (GHudson44) has won our $1000 contest, completing the game in roughly 37 hours of play-time.  We verified his runs personally and can testify that he certainly has both spunk and moxie.  Currently, Garret is still holding many of the top scores – setting the bar pretty high.  If you feel like taking on the challenge, race against his ghost in the leader-boards.  Congrat’s Garret!  You deserved the win!

In addition to Garret’s entry, we also received two other entries:

We’d like to give an honorable mention to Mistaneat who completed the game shortly after.  Congrats Mistaneat!

And a DIS-honorable mention goes to Jonathan Müller who by all appearances seems to have attempted to cheat the contest and fake his entry submission data.  Shame on you!

Congrats once again to the winners and we hope the rest of you continue to have fun completing the game!

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Wow, it’s been a crazy week so far!  Reception of the game has been tremendously positive and reviews thus far have been great!  Today on iPad we just passed Angry Birds HD in the top 100 list – currently in the top 50.  It’s been a long road getting here so we figured we might share our experiences with a Reddit AMA.  If you’re interested in asking us questions, both Tilt Studios and Chocolate Homunculus will be there.  Thanks again to everyone who has helped us get this far – and we’ve only just begun!

Check out the Reddit thread HERE

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Spunk and Moxie is now available in the app store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

From the App Store:
Help Spunk and Moxie escape in this classic-style platformer with a fresh new twist; one-touch input gives the player full control over sliding, jumping and bouncing through 30 levels across 3 visually stunning themes; The Warehouse, Factory, and Laboratory.


  • Race the ghosts of other players to compete for the top score on online leaderboards.
  • Discover power-ups that let you smash, dash and fly.
  • Find the hidden keys to unlock secret cameo characters from other popular indie games including Super Meat Boy, Spelunky, and VVVVVV!

Download Spunk and Moxie in the App Store

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Tilt Studios to hold $1000 launch contest for iOS game Spunk and Moxie

Tilt Studios is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Spunk and Moxie for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch on Feb 21st.  To celebrate the launch Tilt Studios is offering a one thousand dollar bounty to the first person to get all stars on all 30 levels of the game.

To get a star, you need to get all the medals on each level:

  • Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals are given for beating set times.
  • Crystal Medal for getting all the crystals in the level.
  • Key Medal for finding the hidden key in the level.
  • Heart Medal for not taking any damage.
  • Skull Medal for beating the level on hard difficulty.

Spunk and Moxie, despite its casual looks, is a classic gamer’s game at its heart.  Completing the game is a real challenge of skill.

“We hope the contest will help convey this message and allow gamers to give it a serious look,” said Nicolas Coderre, CEO of Tilt Studios. “We expect most dedicated gamers to be able to beat it in about 20 hours. Of course, since our designer can do it in two, it’s possible that a particularly skilled player may be able to complete it more quickly.”

For official rules and details see:

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Welcome to the new and improved official website for Spunk and Moxie!  This new site is built on WordPress so we can more closely connect with our player community.  Stay tuned, there are some major announcements coming soon!

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