Spunk and Moxie

Spunk and Moxie is a game designed by Paul Hubans started in March 2011, following the release of The Indie Game Legend.

The game was first conceived in 2009 as a mini-game called SpeedDisk to be featured in Solipsius, a project that is currently on hold, and featured the mechanic of a disc in perpetual forward motion with the only input being jump.

In 2010, this mini-game was adapted into a Flash/Flixel demo by Luke Arntson (chthulhu32) and became known as SPUCK (Speed Puck) which was submitted to Kokoromi’s Gamma IV competition.

in 2011, Carter Randolph teamed up with  Paul to bring the game to Windows Phone and together formed Chocolate Homunculus.

Approach to development had suddenly taken a more market-considerate stance after teaming up with artist Dan Fessler and Programmer Nicolas Coderre, collectively known as Tilt Studios, who were brought into the project to provide art, business consulting, and handle the iOS port of the game.

To appeal to a broad audience our game had to have more personality. Therefore, the player character being a disc had to go and instead became two lovable piles of goo named Spunk and Moxie.