Spunk and Moxie
Contest Winner!

Tilt Studios is excited to announce that Garret Hudson (GHudson44) has won our $1000 contest, completing the game in roughly 37 hours of play-time.  We verified his runs personally and can testify that he certainly has both spunk and moxie.  Currently, Garret is still holding many of the top scores – setting the bar pretty high.  If you feel like taking on the challenge, race against his ghost in the leader-boards.  Congrat’s Garret!  You deserved the win!

In addition to Garret’s entry, we also received two other entries:

We’d like to give an honorable mention to Mistaneat who completed the game shortly after.  Congrats Mistaneat!

And a DIS-honorable mention goes to Jonathan Müller who by all appearances seems to have attempted to cheat the contest and fake his entry submission data.  Shame on you!

Congrats once again to the winners and we hope the rest of you continue to have fun completing the game!

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