Spunk and Moxie
Press Release: $1000 Contest

Tilt Studios to hold $1000 launch contest for iOS game Spunk and Moxie

Tilt Studios is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Spunk and Moxie for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch on Feb 21st.  To celebrate the launch Tilt Studios is offering a one thousand dollar bounty to the first person to get all stars on all 30 levels of the game.

To get a star, you need to get all the medals on each level:

  • Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals are given for beating set times.
  • Crystal Medal for getting all the crystals in the level.
  • Key Medal for finding the hidden key in the level.
  • Heart Medal for not taking any damage.
  • Skull Medal for beating the level on hard difficulty.

Spunk and Moxie, despite its casual looks, is a classic gamer’s game at its heart.  Completing the game is a real challenge of skill.

“We hope the contest will help convey this message and allow gamers to give it a serious look,” said Nicolas Coderre, CEO of Tilt Studios. “We expect most dedicated gamers to be able to beat it in about 20 hours. Of course, since our designer can do it in two, it’s possible that a particularly skilled player may be able to complete it more quickly.”

For official rules and details see:

More information about the creators of Spunk and Moxie:

Spunk and Moxie is the collaborative effort of Chocolate Homunculus and Tilt Studios. Both are humble two-man teams based in the Bay Area. The project started in March 2011 with a concept from Paul Hubans of Chocolate Homunculus. Tilt Studios joined in shortly thereafter to help with production, porting, and distribution. The whole project is the result of two years of part-time and full-time work.

Background on Tilt Studios:
San Francisco-based Tilt Studios was founded in early 2012 by Dan Fessler and Nicolas Coderre. Their mission is to bring awesome, classic gameplay to the modern mobile audience.

Dan Fessler, Artist by trade, and Nicolas Coderre, Programmer by trade, have been making games for over 7 years – shipping over 20 commercial titles for companies including Gameloft, Microsoft, Glu Mobile and A Bit Lucky.

Background on Chocolate Homunculus:
Chocolate Homunculus is a two-man game development studio based in San Francisco, CA. Their goal is to create games that are familiar yet fresh. They are passionate about delivering highly polished and unique experiences to casual and hardcore gamers alike.

Carter Randolph, programmer by trade, has been involved in mobile and web for 7 years for companies like Sega, I-play, and Zannel.  Paul Hubans, game designer by trade, has been making games independently for 15 years and professionally for 7, for companies including 2D Boy, SEGA, and Other Ocean.

Get a hands-on trial:
If you would like to request promo codes to evaluate the game, please write to us at: press@tiltstudios.com.
Please still hold off on publishing your hands-on review of the game until launch day, February 21st.

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