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Bug Reports / Re: Crashes on loading
« on: February 24, 2013, 03:45:16 PM »
We'd love to work with you to fix this, as the problem you have having is likely affecting other people as well.

Here is the best thing you can do to help us out, as without knowing what the problem is, we won't know how to fix it.

There is a free app called "system console" that you can download to you device. You can search for that name in the app store on your device, or look here ""

Once you have that installed:
1) Trigger the failure in spunk and moxie. This will print the error in the system logs.
2) open the "system console" app.
At the top right corner, you'll see a share button (little square with an arrow), click "email log", and send the logs to:

Hopefully the logs should be enough to tell us what is wrong, and we'll fix and push an update for you.

We wish we could easily provide a refund, but apple doesn't give us that option.

Also, what device are you using? ipad/ipod/iphone? which version? (if you know).


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